Golf Injury and the Upper Body

Golf Injury and Injury PreventionWith an estimated 60 million people participating in golf world wide, researchers led by Dr. Michael Cohen and colleagues looked at golf related injuries to understand common golf injury patterns and prevention.

Some causes of injuries in golfers include the following:

  • Overplaying the game
  • Problems with the golf swing
  • Hitting the ground
  • Golf Injury from Over-swinging
  • Not warming up enough before competitive play
  • Twisting while hitting the golf ball
  • Falling on the course
  • Bending while putting
  • Cart related injuries
  • Injuries from getting hit by the ball

While the game of golf is sometimes viewed as less physically rigorous, the fact is that golfers may experience a wide range of sports related injuries. Sports injuries associated with golf may include shoulder injuries, acromioclavicular joint injuries, impingement syndrome, elbow injuries like lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis, wrist and hand injuries including tendinitis, extensor carpi ulnaris instability, hamate fractures and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Golf Injury Most Commonly Linked to Overuse

The majority of golf injuries are linked back to overuse. Researchers recommend preparing before playing golf to build up flexibility and strength to prevent golf injury. This is especially important in the shoulder area and the wrists.

With proper conditioning, golfers will be better able to handle the repetition required in the game based on swimming. In addition, it is possible that equipment choices may also be linked to golf injury.

Equipment that allows for more vibrations may lead, for example, to arm and elbow injuries. For more info on this interesting research on golf injuries, see:

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