Good Tips for Injury Prevention when Skiing and Snowboarding

In order to learn more about injury prevention among skiiers and snowboarders researchers lead by Warda (2012) and colleagues explored specific strategies for people engaged in these popular winter snow sports.

Findings suggest that wearing a helmet is beneficial to prevent injury while skiing or snowboarding. Wrist guards are also touted as offering possible benefits for those engaged in snowboarding.  Researchers find that preventive measures are not always followed by those engaged in these activities, suggesting that it may be beneficial for physicians to guide youth and families about safety when engaged in winter sports like snowboarding and skiing.

Safety issues for individuals engaged in skiing and/or snowboarding as identified in the article include the following:

  1. Benefits of wearing helmets while skiing and snowboarding
  2. Protection from wrist guards while snowboarding
  3. Proper supervision and training/preparation for both skiing and snowboarding
  4. Importance of using equipment for skiing and snowboarding that fits appropriately
  5. Following standard sun safety measures
  6. Abstaining from alcohol use when skiing or snowboarding

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