Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment – Learn the Facts about Hip Osteoarthritis from Louisville Orthopedic

Hip Osteoarthritis Widespread – Learn the Facts from Louisville Orthopedic

Hip osteoarthritis strikes upwards of one in four adults over 65 years of age. Many describe limitations in physical activity due to this painful condition. Symptoms of hip osteoarthritis include pain and stiffening in the thigh and groin.

As noted by the CDC, lifetime risk of hip osteoarthritis is the same regardless of gender, race, educational level or body mass weight.

Researchers Judd and colleagues (2013) examined differences in strength and functioning among those with and without hip osteoarthritis. Researchers aimed to quantify some of the deficits from hip osteoarthritis to assist those involved in rehabilitation for hip OA.

Researchers found that when comparing those with hip osteoarthritis and those without it, a number of significant differences were apparent: individuals with hip OA had 30% less knee extensor and 38% less knee flexor than those without hip OA. Individuals with hip OA were about 50% slower at climbing stairs and 34% slower on a five-time-sit-to-stand test.

During a 6 minute walking test, the OA group also walked 28% less. Individuals with hip osteoarthritis, compared to the healthy control group, had muscle strength deficits along with deficits in physical activity and function.

Researchers concluded that rehabilitation needed to focus on interventions to improve physical activity levels and physical functioning more generally. Learn more about hip osteoarthritis.

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