Exercise has Positive Effect on Diabetes – Louisville Orthopedic Explains

Louisville orthopedic explains positive connection between diabetes and physical activity

Benefits of Exercise for  Diabetes from Louisville Orthopedic

Exercise has been repeatedly shown to have a positive effect on regulating diabetes mellitus, as noted by Louisville orthopedic Dr. Stacie Grossfeld.

One of the major reasons why exercise is good for people with diabetes is that physical activity helps the regulation of blood glucose. Exercise also improves the HDL/LDL ratio for those with diabetes, and reduces resistance to insulin.

Because exercise does influence a person’s blood glucose, adjustments in insulin dosages may be required when people with diabetes begin a new exercise routine.

As is the case with many health conditions, it is always important to consult with a qualified medical care provider if you are suffering from diabetes and thinking about starting a new exercise routine.

Research by Cinar, Demirci and Satman (2013) provides excellent information about the role exercise plays in managing diabetes. Learn more about the benefits of exercise for those with diabetes.

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