Patient of the Month Gerald Sebree

Meet this month’s patient of the month Gerald Sebree!

Gerald Sebree

Gerald recently received treatment to help combat arthritis in both of his knees and as a result is no longer experiencing daily on going pain. “Coming to Dr. Grossfeld was the best thing I have ever done. I asked her about [various] treatment [options] and she was very up front with me. She said that although she had heard good results from her patients, to not expect an overnight cure. I said let’s do it, and have since been feeling great!”

After spending 8 years in the military, 40 years in manufacturing, and 12 managing a facility for individuals with special needs, Gerald now spends his time as a volunteer for Awake Ministries’s Serenity Center. Awake Ministries is a “non-profit organization that offers services, resources, and counseling programs that facilitate lasting recovery from the hurts, habits, and hang ups of life.”

Gerald has been a full time volunteer at the Serenity Center for 13 years. At the age of 81, he currently runs their food pantry, where he finds himself managing over 30 volunteers at any given time, and acts as a lay counselor as well. He started volunteering after losing two wives to illness; his first wife of 22 years to heart failure, and his second wife after 5 years to lung cancer. The center helps provide kids with lunches on the weekends via their backpack program and is an excellent resource to those struggling with addictions or in need of counseling.

In his spare, time, Gerald plays at least 36 holes of golf a week!