Patient of the Month Rhonda Goodall

Meet this month’s patient of the month Rhonda Goodall!

Rhonda Goodall

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Rhonda studied interior design at Eastern Kentucky University. She got her start as an in house designer for First National Bank in 1976 and became one of the first female officers within the bank (back when the open office concept was taking off and cubicles were replacing private offices). After her time at First National, Rhonda went on to work as a space planner and art consultant, offering creative solutions for developers, commercial offices and some residences; first partnering with Bittners Design Firm and later working independently with clients like PNC Bank.

After dealing with a lingering back injury affecting her knees, Rhonda was referred to Dr. Grossfeld by a friend. Upon noticing the local art in the waiting room and throughout the office, “I immediately found a kindred spirit in Dr. Grossfeld. I thought to myself, this woman loves art and even looks like a piece of art with the way she dresses!”

Currently Rhonda owns and operates the Goodall Gallery on Stilz Avenue in Louisville Kentucky, a building that used to function as a beloved grocery store called Naps but now houses her painting studio and gallery.

While she has dedicated much of her career to being creative for everyone else, Rhonda is now focusing on cultivating a creative environment for herself where she can share her passion for painting and inspire others to express themselves as well. Her next adventure will be in the form of Creative Play Shops, where she aims to help people embrace creativity in a playful, natural way; teaching others how to relax and see the artist inside of themselves.

However, it wasn’t until she was 40 years old that Rhonda started painting herself. “I was working 80 hours a week and on the weekends I would paint. I would get these visions, and just couldn’t stop. I’d always been interested in art and allowing things to happen naturally or just come to me.”

When it comes to art and design, Rhonda has a holistic philosophy. She describes her creative process as a zone that ebbs and flows. To help get her in the zone, she practices daily rituals, like camera walks in nature, writing in her journal and working in her garden to help her get out of her head. “Painting isn’t a thinking thing it’s a feeling thing. For example, I love painting flowers when I’m not feeling free but lately I’ve observed more realism popping up in my work.”

You can view Rhonda’s work online by following her Goodall Gallery Facebook Page.

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