Sports Injuries and Kids Health

kids and televisionPhysical Activity A Key Part of Preventing Sports Injuries

Children that are not used to being active might be in more danger when they participate in sports and go outside to play, according to some of the latest research on sports injuries.

Research conducted by Dr. Evert Verhagen at the Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention discovered that children who did not do a lot of physical activity had higher rates of sports injuries than kids who are more active and play frequently.

Dr. Verhagen concludes: “This rise in injuries appears to correlate to a decrease in physical activity and motor skills.”

Kids often experience sports injuries when engaged in physical activity not connected to organized sports. This may involve, for example, time playing on the playground, or while walking to or from school.

As explained in the research results which will be published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports, additional programming should focus on children who are not as physically active by emphasizing leisure time activities over organized sports. Dr. Verhagen also recommends providing children with safety devices when possible like helmets or knee pads.

Kids are more likely to use these types of things if they are provided at no charge, and they are taught how and why they are important. Learn more here.

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