Sports Injuries in Children – Learn more about Common Sports Injuries for Kids

Find out more about sports injuries in children

Sports Injuries in Children – Learn More

With around 7.6 million high school kids in the U.S. participating in some type of sports activity, sports injuries in children are a genuine concern.

There are a number of common sport-related injuries impacting this youth population during athletic participation.  While many sports injuries in children are considered minor, sometimes more serious and even life threatening illnesses and injuries occur during athletic practice or game play.

Some of the more dangerous sports injuries in children include heat stroke, cardiac arrest, asthma due to exercise, brain injuries, injury to the cervical spine and abdominal or chest injuries.

Being prepared for potential sports injuries in children is important since fast and effective treatment may reduce the risk of more serious injury. A number of national organizations have created special guidelines for emergency preparedness in kids’ sports to reduce sports injuries in children.

Penn State researchers Olympia and Brady (2013) reviewed guidelines for emergency preparedness and data on compliance from high schools in the U.S.

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