ACL Treated with Hamstring Graft

An ACL Tear Treated with a Hamstring Graft

ACL tear needs to be reconstructed in most patients . People that are active in twisting and turning activities need an ACL–conditions/anterior-cruciate-ligament-acl-injuriesWe cannot suture the torn ACL back together. Therefore, the ACL must be reconstructed. I recommend the hamstring graft.  ACL tears reconstructed  with a hamstring graft is excellent. The hamstring graft is A strong graft. In addition, a hamstring ACL autograft , causes less pain at the time of surgery and has a smaller scar.  For example, other graft options include:  the central one third of the patellar tendon or a portion of the quad tendon. Most importantly, an autograft is used for ACL surgery. Similarly, autograft is tissue from your body. Graft selection is surgeon dependent . Because of these reasons, my first choice is the hamstring auto graft for ACL reconstruction surgery

ACL Auto Hamstring Grafts are the Strongest

The autografts have the lowest re-rupture rate. In addition, allograft or a cadaver graft has the highest failure rate. Above all, is not recommend to use a cadaver graft for the first time ACL surgery . For instance, revision ACL surgery is commonly done with an allograft or cadaver graft.

Dr. Stacie Grossfeld showing an ACL hamstring graft before it gets fashioned into an ACL auto hamstring graft

Dr. Stacie Grossfeld is showing a hamstring from her patient, that is getting ready to be fashioned into a hamstring ACL graft . Autografts are a the strongest grafts with the lowest rate of re-rupture.

The Hamstring Auto Graft

An ACL tear treated with a hamstring graft gives great results. The hamstring graft has a cosmetic type and  small  incision. Secondly, obtaining the hamstring occurs with a tendon stripper. Thirdly, I then prep the graft on a device called a graft master. The next step involves, suturing  a device that attaches the graft to the femoral side of the ACL. The fixation of the graft to the tibia has many different hardware and device options. The fixation devices are surgeon dependent.

Close up image of an ACL hamstring autograft

Dr. Stacie Grossfeld has just harvested a hamstring graft . This is a close up image of an ACL hamstring autograft .

The surgical procedure involves drilling one tunnel across the tribal and the femur. The surgical procedure takes about an hour to complete. The surgery is outpatient.