Common Causes of Back Pain

Back injuries are painful and can definitely impact your quality of life. There are several ways to injure your back. You can have a herniated disc, a compressed nerve, strained muscle, sprained ligaments, fractured vertebrae, etc.

All of these injuries require medical treatment and extensive therapy. Many people aren’t able to regain their full range of movement even after comprehensive treatment. That’s why it is best to avoid these injuries entirely. Here’s a look at some of the most common causes of back pain resulting in an injury.

Top 4 Causes of Back Injuries

  1. Heavy Load Activities

People often injure their backs when they place a load or pressure on it. Activities like lifting heavy objects, bending down for extended periods of time to do yard work, reaching up to repair a light fixture, etc. All of these activities place a load on the spine and this can strain your back muscles. If a person is not physically fit or if their back isn’t accustomed to the pressure, they’re more likely to get injured. It is essential to understand your body’s limitations and make sure you don’t cause too much stress.

Hire a professional to carry out the heavy lifting wherever possible. They are trained to handle these activities safely. You can also practice some stretching exercises before lifting to help prepare the back muscles.

  1. Sports Injuries

Many types of sports engage the back muscles and ligaments. For example, a tennis player requires support from back muscles to power the swing. Soccer players use the back muscles and spine to maintain balance while they’re chasing the ball at full speed. Swimmers rely heavily on their back muscles to power through the water. It isn’t surprising that back injuries are quite common in sports, especially at the amateur level.

Professional athletes know how to avoid most of their back injuries by using correct posture and stances. They know how to get the most from their body without straining it. If you want to avoid back injuries while playing sports, it is a good idea to train well and warm-up before a game. Make sure you’re using the right techniques to get the best results and avoid strain.

  1. Overuse or Repeated Stress Injuries

Overuse and repetitive stress injuries are also very common. Different people experience different kinds of back problems based on their work and lifestyle. For example, a professional software developer spends a big part of their day working at a desk. Sitting for hours on end can cause a lot of strain on your back. Many people develop compressed or pinched nerves in their back because of the pressure. Similarly, surgeons and other medical professionals that stand in the same position for extended periods of time may also endure back-related injuries.

Repeated physical activity can also cause a lot of stress. For example, construction workers that haul  heavy loads and are constantly on their feet experience back strain regularly. Farmers and gardeners also sustain back injuries that require medical treatment as well as physical therapy.

  1. Direct Impact Injuries

Direct impact injuries usually happen during accidents or while playing sports. Accidents can cause whiplash, strain the back, cause fractures, and other related injuries. A direct impact to the back can cause extensive bruising, inflammation, and even damage your spine. The impact from baseball or football traveling at high speeds can cause extensive damage to your spine. It is essential to wear quality protective gear and to avoid direct injuries as much as possible.

In the instance that you or someone you knows has sustained a serious back injury, keep the spine stable. Call the emergency service immediately and don’t move until they arrive. They will place a brace on and make sure the spine is secure before transporting anyone to the hospital. One can never be too careful when it comes to back injuries.

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