What is Osteochondritis Dissecans? More info from Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon

When cartilage becomes disconnected from the bone, people may experience a condition called osteochondritis dissecans. This joint condition most typically happens in the knees but it can also affect other bodily joints like the elbows.

While more common in men, people of all ages may experience osteochondritis dissecans. Some people do not experience any symptoms when they have osteochondritis dissecans. The condition may even heal on its own.  Others suffer from considerable pain, especially if the cartilage gets torn off and stuck inside of a joint.

Common symptoms of osteochondritis dessicans include weakness in the joints, swelling in the area around the joint, pain that is more severe when climbing or going upstairs, and/or a popping sensation in the joint. If you are suffering from these symptoms, and are concerned that you may have osteochondritis dissecans, you should see an osteopathic physician for a thorough evaluation.

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