Differences in Shoulder Dislocations Based on Age

 As recently reported by Murthi and Ramirez (2012) in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, about one out of five shoulder dislocations are experienced by individuals older than 60. While older people who suffer from a dislocated shoulder have a lower chance of experiencing a reoccurrence, compared to younger individuals, they have a greater chance of experiencing other injuries to the brachial plexus, axillary nerve and/or rotator cuff.  Multiple injuries in this population which include, for example, a dislocated shoulder and rotator cuff tear, are sometimes overlooked in older individuals.  For more info, see: http://www.jaaos.org/content/20/10/615.abstract

What is Bursitis? Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon Explains Bursitis including Prevention and Treatment Options

Bursitis is a painful condition that involves the inflammation of bursa. A bursa is a small sac filled with synovial fluid. There are 160 bursae in the human body. When these sacs become inflamed, it leads to bursitis.

The symptoms of bursitis include muscle and joint stiffness, pain and discomfort. The pain from bursitis is often more intense during and following physical activity, and also in the morning after waking.  (more…)

Louisville Orthopedic Demonstrates Tennis Elbow Exercises in YouTube Video

tennis elbowAre you experiencing pain from tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis?  Check out the latest YouTube video from Louisville orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stacie Grossfeld for specific tennis elbow exercises that you can try! http://youtu.be/LlRa23O69WI

Orthopaedic Specialists in Louisville Kentucky is on YouTube at LouisvilleBones

Louisville orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stacie Grossfeld now has a YouTube channel for her medical practice Orthopaedic Specialists.  Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/LouisvilleBones to see a video featuring slides from Dr. Grossfeld’s recent talk at the University of Louisville to the Department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. The lecture, titled: “Differential Diagnosis for Knee and Shoulder Injuries: How to Patient Profile,” covers a range of common knee, hip, and shoulder injuries.

Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon Answers Questions About Common Hip Injuries and Conditions

If you are experiencing hip pain or have a hip injury, you may have some questions for an orthopedic surgeon.  Here are some common questions and answers about hip pain and hip injuries answered by Louisville orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stacie Grossfeld.

Is arthritis of the hip common?

Osteoarthritis in people is very common. Hip arthritis is less common than knee arthritis. The majority of people over age 65 will have x-ray findings revealing some degree of osteoarthritis. (more…)

7 Common Questions and Answers About Knee Injuries from Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon

1. What are the two most common sports-related knee injuries that require surgery? 

The two most common knee injuries that occur following a sports injury that require surgery are a meniscal tear and an acl tear.

2. What are the main causes of the ACL injury?

There is much scientific debate over the cause of an ACL injury. In order for the anterior cruciate ligament to tear, the tibia (lower leg bone/ shin) must shift forward to (more…)

Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon Explains Management of Midseason Traumatic Shoulder Dislocations in Athletes

shoulder dislocation from contact sports like hockeyWhat do you do if your shoulder dislocates in the middle of a competitive season? Does a shoulder dislocation mean you cannot compete the rest of the season?

The August 2012 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons included an excellent review article outlining a treatment plan and a return to sport plan if an athlete dislocates their shoulder in the middle of a competitive season.  Dr. Owens et al. presented an algorithm that outlines the treatment plan.