10 Benefits of Cycling for Exercise

Benefits of Cycling for ExerciseWith May being National Bike Month and increasing warmer weather, it couldn’t be a better time to pull that old bike out of the garage and take it for a spin! Cycling is a great exercise if you are looking to tone your muscles and give your joints a break. This type of exercise is perfect if you are new to outdoor exercise, or for anyone who wants to switch up their cardio routine!

Cycling for Exercise – 10 Reasons to Ride Your Bike!

  1. Enjoy the Weather: Cycling is a perfect excuse to enjoy a beautiful spring day. While stationary cycling can be just as strenuous, biking along a nice path is even better!
  2. Easy on the Joints: This type of exercise is low-impact and leaves your knees, ankles and hips free from pain. Biking allows 70 percent of your body weight to be supported by the handles and saddle, making this a great way to cross-train for impact exercises like running.
  3. Burns Calories: Going on a nice bike ride can help you burn up to 300 calories an hour. Depending on your pace and terrain, a bike ride can really help shed some calories and keep you fit!
  4. Prevents Heart Disease: Cycling is an ideal exercise for those looking to lower their “fitness age.” A study by the British Medical Association concluded that cycling 20 miles a week can cut your risk of developing coronary heart disease by 50 percent.
  5. Promotes Balance and Coordination: Maneuvering and steering a bicycle can help increase coordination and balance for those changing gears, using a turning signal, and rounding corners. All of these actions require control and symmetry to remain upright.
  6. Great Method of Transportation: Riding a bicycle instead of the car can be a healthy, eco-friendly way to get around. On nice days, why not opt for a gentle bike ride to get your blood pumping and run errands around town.
  7. Fights Colds: The immune system thrives off of moderate levels of activity, just like cycling! Riding a bike helps fend off nagging colds, coughs, and runny noses. Choosing to cycle rather than taking public transportation also helps you avoid exposure to germs.
  8. Reduces Stress: Cycling is a great way to reduce stress and stay calm. Most bike riders report having lower levels of stress than those driving in cars.
  9. Boosts Mood: Taking time to complete a physical activity can greatly affect ones mood. Releasing those endorphins through a low-impact exercise like cycling will improve your day!
  10. Easy: While some days the weather may not be ideal, taking a bike ride around the neighborhood is something most people find enjoyable. It only requires two pieces of equipment (helmet and bike) and a little bit of training. Most families can join in on the fun and go for an adventure together. No matter what age, shape, or size, most people have the luxury of enjoying this exercise!

Cycling is a timeless, healthy activity that many people can enjoy. Riding a bicycle takes little equipment, and leaves you feeling accomplished and happy! Cycling has many health and environmental benefits as well. While this exercise is great for reducing heart disease and stress, it’s also an excellent way to burn added calories. This activity can be enjoyed alone or as a family outing. For some it may even be a simple way to get to work. The next time you consider driving your car, think about a bike ride instead. You won’t regret it!