Patient of the Month Trey Mattingly

Meet this month’s patient in the spotlight Trey Mattingly!

Currently, Trey is a junior in High School and plays baseball for the South Spencer Rebels. However, in the fall he tore his ACL playing football.

“During our second varsity game of the season, I ran down the field on kickoff and ran over a kid trying to get the receiver. I was reaching for the receiver when a kid grabbed me, and I twisted and heard a loud pop.”

“Luckily, Dr. Grossfield was great. We were skeptical that I would not be ready for spring baseball season but I knew with hard work, dedication and a great surgeon I would be ready. And we did it! I recovered months earlier than predicted. I put on about 15 pounds of muscle, and am stronger, faster, and more determined than ever.”

Trey has always been very athletic and was even in a T-ball league at the age of 2!

“I was 2 years younger than most of the kids but I was tall and I knew how to hit and run better than all of them. I loved baseball so much I use to sleep with my glove.”
“I’ve always been very competitive. I love some great competition though because that’s what makes you better. If someone is better than me I work harder than them to better myself. Playing baseball you make tons of friends and I think of my team like family.”

Presently Trey plays left field, 3rd, as well as pitches from time to time.

“I can play pretty much any position. But I like left field the most. I work hard and I’m determined to get to the next level.”