Good Tips for Injury Prevention when Skiing and Snowboarding

In order to learn more about injury prevention among skiiers and snowboarders researchers lead by Warda (2012) and colleagues explored specific strategies for people engaged in these popular winter snow sports.

Findings suggest that wearing a helmet is beneficial to prevent injury while skiing or snowboarding. Wrist guards are also touted as offering possible benefits for those engaged in snowboarding.  Researchers find that preventive measures are not always followed by (more…)

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement: Is it any Better than a Non Computer Navigated Conventional Total Knee Replacement ?

There are several different ways for an orthopedic surgeon to perform knee replacement surgery.  There is the conventional surgical procedure where the surgeon uses a series of external and internal alignment jigs that help to guide in bone section and ligamentous balance during the knee replacement.  This is the gold standard and has been used for decades.

Another surgical option is to have a computer navigated knee replacement. With computer navigation the surgeon places a series of sensors around the knee joint and uses the computer to guide the surgeon in bone resection and ligament balance.  Computer navigation became popular around 2005.  The question has arisen as to which technique is better: a computer navigated knee replacement vs using conventional surgical technique. (more…)

Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon Discusses how often Abnormal Findings are found on MRI Scans of the Hip in Asymptotic Patients

One of the newest areas of orthopedics is the area of hip arthroscopy for hip pathology.

Hip arthroscopy is being used to treat a variety of hip conditions. The surgeries range from  labral repairs, labral debridements,  treatment of osteochrondral  defects and femoral acetabular dysplasia.  Most of these conditions are diagnosed with a history , physical examination and (more…)

6 Interesting Facts About Fencing from Louisville Orthopedic

Interested in learning more about the sport of fencing? Here are 6 interesting facts about fencing to get you started.

1. Electronic scoring is typically used in fencing competitions.  A white light means that a touch landed outside of the target area. A red or  green light means that a hit has landed inside the target area and a point is earned.

2. Fencing enjoys a long history and tradition and it is one of the sports that has always been a part of the Olympics. (more…)

Findings at the time of Shoulder Surgery that can determine Rotator Cuff Surgery Success or Failure

The surgical repair of a rotator cuff tear has failure rates ranging from 20 to 90 percent. Even if the surgeon performs a technically perfect surgery some rotator cuff repairs will fail.  Failure is defined as a recurrent tear.

Shoulder surgeons are unsure if the cuff repair never heals or it heals and then quickly re-tears after surgery.  Typically at the time of surgery the rotator cuff is unhealthy to begin with which has (more…)

Scientists Compare Iron Man Triathletes to Marathon Runners – Learn More from Louisville Orthopedic

Interesting research by Gianoli and colleagues (2012) published in Perceptual and Motor Skills compares male ironman triathletes and marathon runners.

Researchers found that weekly training in terms of hours was higher among triathletes.  Race times for marathoners were related to running speed during (more…)

Attention Contact Flag Football Players! Researchers Suggest Ways to Prevent Injury

Kaplan and colleagues (2012) recently published suggestions in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine to reduce the number of moderate to severe injuries among contact flag football players. Recommendations include the following:

1) Enforce the no-pocket rule on players’ pants to avoid injuries to hands and fingers. (more…)

Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon on Physical Activity and Aging Athletes – Injuries Common to Baby Boomers

Looking at aging athletes that are part of the baby boomer generation, Dr. Jeffrey Prescott and Dr. Joseph Yu concluded that many baby boomers expect to continue exercise routines as they age which may lead to an increase in exercise-induced injuries.


Falls Represent Serious Health Threat to Older Adults. Learn More from Louisville Orthopedic.

Falls are a serious threat to the health and safety of older adults age 65+.  According to the CDC about one out of every three adults 65 and older takes a fall each year but the majority do not mention this to their physicians.

Falls are actually the leading cause of death for people 65 and older and the most common reason people in this age group are admitted to the hospital.  As reported by the CDC, in 2010 around 2.3 million U.S. adults 65 years and older were treated in an emergency room for problems due to a fall.  (more…)